Preventative Maintenance

A PM should be performed by an experienced certified technician.

Preventative Maintenance plays an intricate role in the overall performance and longevity of water booster systems.  It can also confirm the water booster system is operating properly or identify worn parts that require replacement.

Regular preventative maintenance offers immediate and long-term savings.

The cost to repair or replace parts for a water booster system is much lower than the cost to replace the entire water booster system.

Over time contaminants such as dust, oil and debris can build up and adversely affect the normal operation of the water booster system.

Loose connections is another common reason for failures of the drive.  A small arc can occur when a current jumps between two loose connections, resulting in excess heat and oxide build up between the loose connections.

Visual checks of the system is another common troubleshooting method and should be part of a thorough PM.  It is very important to identify and replace discolored and swelling or bulged components on the circuit boards.

All Pumps R US, LLC offers a 6-month and 12-month preventative maintenance program.

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